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Specialists in PVC

At VallasPVC.es we manufacture and install garden fences, gates, windows, railings and pergolas.


All our products are internally reinforced with zinc-plated steel to meet the highest quality standards.

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High resistance to Ultraviolet rays

High resistance to scratches and impacts

Corrosion and chemical resistant

Non-toxic to the environment

Resistant to insects and rodents

Easy-to-clean materials and finishes


All our products are manufactured by PVC extrusion, a harmless material that is highly resistant to the passage of time and has good behavior against atmospheric agents. Moreover, PVC fences do not require any type of maintenance.


Each model has its own characteristics, but each and every one of them is reinforced on the inside, which is a factor that sets us apart from the rest.


We manufacture PVC doors and windows, with advanced designs and finishes, offering a wide range of fully configurable products that adapt to the needs of any space.


At VallasPVC we never stop looking for excellent quality, that is why we launched a PVC pergola that is unique in the market for its strength, fully reinforced and welded.


At VallasPVC, determined to continue investing in this long-lasting material, we offer you a maintenance-free, fully reinforced PVC railing.

Steel core fences

All our fences are reinforced on the inside with zinc-plated steel to meet the highest product quality standards. This requirement is valid for vertical poles and optionally for horizontal rails.

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VallasPVC can offer you many advantages, from which you will surely benefit.

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