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PVC myths

What is PVC?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a chemical mixture of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. Its components are derived from crude oil (43%) and salt (57%).

It’s the plastic with the lowest dependence on oil.

PVC is a lightweight, chemically inert and harmless material.

Myth 01

Does PVC yellow over time?

  • At VALLASPVC we extrude in Spain.
  • In order to maintain the white color, titanium dioxide is added.
  • 10-year white color guaranteed.
  • Discoloration is uniform, homogeneous and not noticeable.

Myth 02

Is PVC pollutant?

  • Neither PVC nor its wastes are classified as hazardous in any European directive or regulation.
  • It is commonly used in hospitals, schools.
  • PVC is 100% recyclable.
  • PVC contains lead-free stabilizers = Protection of humans and the environment.

Myth 03

Is PVC flammable?

  • PVC fences are a self-extinguish material.
  • Temperatures between 300o C and 400o C are necessary to cause ignition.
  • The action of high heat on PVC results in the decomposition of low-toxicity compounds.

Advantages of PVC

PVC fences are much more economical than other fences with similar characteristics.

PVC fences are amortized in a short period of time due to their zero maintenance.

VallasPVC is the best choice. Contact us now!

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