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It shouldn’t, but like everything in life, it depends on the quality applied to the product.

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PVC is a mixture of ingredients and there are infinite recipes. One of the main and most expensive ingredients is titanium, and some extruders that want cost-effective PVC will reduce its amount. Unfortunately, this type of PVC tends to yellow over time (sunburn).

At VallasPVC, we are constantly striving to improve our PVC recipe in order to guarantee optimum quality for the entire life of the product, which is more than 20 years! For this reason, we periodically perform accelerated aging tests. That’s why we know that our PVC, if it yellows, will go unnoticed.

Note that, at the time of purchase, there will be no visible difference between an inexpensive PVC (which yellows from sunburn and weathering), and high quality PVC. To avoid falling into this trap, be sure to ask your retailer for a PVC product from VallasPVC.

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